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Top 3 Features We Love in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Top 3 Features We Love in Microsoft Dynamics 365

There are many features of Dynamics 365 that are worth mentioning as they offer ease-of-use and improved functionalities to the users of the system. As Microsoft Dynamics 365 continue to improve, grow and develop, there will be more new features to improve overall user experience. If you are a user of Dynamics 365, it will be worth to take note of the features of Dynamics 365 as it can improve productivity and efficiency. There are a lot of shortcuts and tips that will help you to get your task done faster.

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Below is the top three features of Dynamics 365 that we love:

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The ability to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 while using Outlook on desktop, web or tablet saves time when using email to communicate information. For tracking communications between customers and/or prospects and leads, it can be done seamlessly within Outlook itself. Information on your email communication gets recorded within the contact card; and the transparency of information allows everyone involved to provide input and assistance where required. For customer service app, the tracking of processes also allows companies to provide fast and better customer service.

Power BI Integration

Dynamics 365 now allow you to have personalised dashboards so that you can have sales, marketing or financial data and information so that you get a bird eye view of information once you log into the system. The dashboards can be easily customised by the user itself and add tiles to the dashboard, embed them into reports and create real time visualisation.

Word and Excel

Many of Microsoft products integrate seamlessly to form a great ecosystem, and the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is one of the many technologies embedded in Dynamics 365. You can export data in Excel spreadsheets and have either a static of dynamic spreadsheet as well! You can also prepare Word templates with placeholders for data so that you can generate documents with one click.

Read more on the Dynamics 365 Features here or test drive the solution.

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