The Cost of Legacy Systems

The Cost of Legacy Systems

Companies maintaining legacy systems will soon realise that it can cost more to have an obsolete system. Most of the time, these legacy system cannot support new business growth and needs and would eventually decrease productivity.

cost of legacy systems

What Are Legacy Systems?

A legacy system is solutions (either software or hardware) that is already either outdated or obsolete and has been replaced with newer versions and is no longer supported. Usually, companies using legacy systems will need to rely on external freelancers to maintain the solution and is not able to add on new functions as there is no further improvements or enhancement to the solution.

Main Issue With Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are alike outdated technology. One of the biggest issue of legacy systems is the cost required to maintain the system compared to upgrading it to a whole new system.

Decreased security is also a huge concern in legacy systems because there are no longer security updates and there is also no support from the vendor of the software. Your data and information is at risk as you will not be able to properly safeguard the system.

Legacy systems can also contribute to failures of system and create downtime that can result in expensive recovery and restoration services, lost sales, damage to the brand and lost employee productivity.

In conclusion, legacy systems inhibit business scalability and growth. As your business grow, you’ll have changing technology needs that your business solution need to cater to. Your business solution should be flexible enough to be able to grow as your business grow.

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