Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has transformed radically over the years with the use of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and IoT to build intelligent and customer-centric supply chain solutions. Solutions such as SAP Business One offers a robust way to manage the entire operations of any business and has powered thousands of companies across the globe.

Supply Chain Management solution streamlines end-to-end production oversight, delivering intelligent insights on every transaction, from ordering to warehousing, to transport to final delivery. Transactions originate from multiple sources via phone, web enquiry or email, and thus the challenge is to have a centralised location to store the variety of information of each order. The solution offers a 360-degree view of each order, the origin, the details, deadlines and more that flows across multiple departments and team members.

supply chain management

What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products. It involves the process of managing end-to-end activities from production to product development and information systems to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Seamless Integration

The SAP Business One solution enables collaborative enterprise planning so that you can respond fast to new market expectations and fulfil future demands based on real-time information. Combine sales and operation, forecasting and demand, response and supply and demand-driven replenishment.

Optimise Supply Chain Planning

Improve resource planning with prioritised demands, allocations and optimised supply chain constraints. You can use scenario planning and what-if analysis of actual and hypothetical changes to demand and supply. Using robust analytics, you can improve supply chain visibility to improve collaboration with suppliers to fulfil customer demands.

Demand and Forecast Management

Develop accurate forecast with better modelling utilising historical data and advanced machine learning algorithm. This allows you to react quickly to market changes. Incorporate more accurate forecasting and foster better collaboration among sales and supply chain for better speed and agility to changes as they happen.

Empower Your Planner To Do More In Less Time

Support holistic, synchronised planning for better decision-making in a continuous way to enable you to adapt to real demand and supply quickly. Unify and transform plan, move from sequential manual activities to streamlined, automated and integrated processes. Empower your planners to do more in less time, aligning goals with strategy, and improving performance.

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