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ERP For Small Business / SME / SMB

An ERP for small and midsize businesses needs to fulfil all your current needs and yet robust enough to be able to grow with you. ERP systems like SAP Business One is built for businesses of all sizes, to enable you to capture all your data in an integrated system for a complete overview of your business.

small business erp

Small Business ERP – The Benefits

SAP Business One is available on both cloud and on-premise covering everything your business needs from accounting & CRM to supply chain management (SCM) & warehousing.

  • Increase Business Agility
  • Gain Control and Insights
  • Support Business Growth

Increase Business Agility

Use real-time and embedded analytics to provide you with accurate insights and guidance to make better-informed decisions. SAP B1 incorporates industry-specific capabilities and best practices so you can navigate your business better.

Gain Control and Insights

SAP Business One is integrated with SAP HANA platform, providing you with embedded with AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. SAP HAN, the market-leading in-memory database offers real-time processing speed and a simplified data model.

Support Business Growth

Get the agility your business needs to adapt quickly to new opportunities and changing trends. Equipped with real-time analytics to improve both efficiency and profits.

Selecting An ERP For Your Business

  • Features You Need Now & In The Future
  • Overall Costs
  • Expected Deadlines
  • Clear Understanding Of Your Needs

Features You Need Now & In The Future

Choose an ERP that can support your current and future need. Firstly make sure that the ERP covers a variety of functionalities you need now, including but not limited to, accounting, finance, asset, customer management, sales, inventory, purchasing, etc. Having a fully integrated system save you time and money, and increase your efficiency. Secondly, make sure the ERP solution provides you with an upgrade path for the future when the need arises.

Overall Cost

Get an indicative investment prior to any detailed discussion so that you know whether you are looking in search for the right ERP pricing tier. Depending on your budget for an ERP solution, prices can differ a lot – ranging from a few thousand, to a few hundred thousand to millions. So the first step is understanding whether the ERP costing fits your expectation.

Expected Deadlines

Ask your potential ERP vendor on a rough ERP timeline – so you can set the right expectation for yourself and the vendor. As there are many modules within an ERP, implementation time can differ a lot – even for the same solution but with different requirements. Give your vendor some specifics on what you have in mind, for example: implementing a new accounting, inventory and warehousing with no data migration. Having a rough timeline enables you to plan your resources and avoid peak periods.

Clear Understanding Of Your Needs

Round up the internal team to gather all the requirements, understand their challenges and note down the pains they are currently facing. You can start working on an RFP with detailed information on what your business need. Having an RFP saves you and your vendor a lot of time plus you can be very specific about the challenges you are facing and seek for suggestions/solutions from your vendor.

Brochures To Download

Remember to check out THE ERP BROCHURES in our website for your free download. Below is a selection of downloadable resources that will be useful for you:

10 Reasons SME Choose SAP sap business one solution brief

As a small business, you want an ERP that can do more with less and fuel rapid growth.

Integrate all your data and use automation and intelligent technologies to create new opportunities and break new grounds.

Speak to us for more information on business solutions for small business. We can provide you with advise on what solution fits your need, at the right budget and time frame of implementation.

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