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Scalable ERP for Growing Businesses

Scalable ERP for Growing Businesses

Scalable ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solution is vital for growing businesses as rapid growth will bring upon challenges that require more information and data to make decisions on. The solution should also have the ability to keep pace with the business’s growth – to take on new markets, handle the exponential increase in transactional volume, workload and data.

scalable erp for growing businesses

Scalability is one aspect you need to consider if you are operating a small firm and if your ambition is to grow it into a larger enterprise. As such, a scalable ERP solution becomes the viable reason for those aspiring to grow their business. Here are the reasons why scalable ERP is an ideal solution for business expansion.


Can your business adapt to the growth and changes to the market? If you are expanding your business across different regions, you may want to know if your ERP solution offers global localisation such as taxes, regulations, multiple currencies and languages. Local taxes can be very complicated for some countries, and thus your ERP solution should be able to adapt to these changes to stay compliant. Local languages are also important for customer-facing documents such as invoices and sales orders as translations can be time-consuming and added cost.


Scalable infrastructure is also essential to ensure that your system can handle large volumes of transactions when the need arises. If you are using Cloud ERP, this would be easy to scale up or down according to your needs. On-premise scalability may require additional resources and time because you will need physical servers and data storage add-ons if needed.


The ability for employees to perform tasks from mobile devices is fast becoming a norm – as there are remote warehouses, travelling salespersons, sales offices in different locations etc. Having an option to work out of the office is an added advantage.


Security threats, breaches and permission flaws increase as the business grows. There is a dire need to tighten security measures around the company operations by adopting top-notch security measures. Specific user access by job roles, audit trail and access to specific business-sensitive information are some of the key functions available in most ERP solutions.


Maintaining several systems to enhance and support daily operations is one tactic many small business operators embrace. However, as the business grows in size, this is not a viable long term solution. There is a need for increased visibility, accuracy and integrity of data flowing through the different systems. Thus integration via APIs or a fully-integrated solution would be a plus point – as there is a smooth flow of data from different team members and departments to ensure seamless sharing of information.

For more information on how your business can benefit from a scalable ERP solution, speak to us today or check out the SAP Business One demo in 60 seconds.


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