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SAP Business One streamline your processes covering accounting, inventory, sales, services and operations, so you have the agility to create new growth opportunities for your business.

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SAP Business One On Cloud & SAP Business One On-Premise

SAP Business One Cloud vs On Premise

SAP Business One Cloud or SAP Business One On Premise is a very common question companies have when implementing an ERP solution. Traditionally the SAP Business One application is deployed on-premise where you maintain your own server in your office or data centre. Now, SAP Business One Cloud makes the application available on both public and private servers, either on SQL or HANA. For private cloud solution hosted by MicroChannel, do contact us for more information.

Benefits of SAP Business One Cloud

Fast Return-On-Investment (ROI)

SAP Business One on cloud enables you to have an ERP up & running fast with minimal disruption to your business.

Monthly Fee

Rather than a large investment upfront, the cloud option offers a fixed monthly fee allowing you to plan your finances.

Zero Hardware Maintenance

There is no need to manage and maintain any server, server software or firewall as all these will be provided by the hosting solution provider.

Automatic Software Updates

SAP Business One on cloud is customised at standard level thus the core ERP features for all customer instances & software patch & version updates is easily upgradeable.

Data Security

Data is protected in secure data centers with an array of physical and network safeguards.


SAP Business One on cloud solution is highly scalable in terms of hardware resources such as RAM, sotrage, processing power and more.

Benefits of SAP Business One On-Premise

Existing Infrastructure

You may have existing infrastructure that you can make use of. Instead of retiring a working server, it can be used for your SAP Business One application.

Data Compliance

If the company has a policy disallowing critical business data to be synced with external servers, then on-premise might be a good solution.

Customisation & Integration

Highly customised business processes and flow that integrate with different solutions can be better supported with the on-premise model.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One Brochures To Download

Built and priced for small and medium businesses, discover how the SAP Business One application is streamlining business operations from start to finish. Below are the list of brochures you can download to get detailed information on this business management solution.

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