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Role of E-Commerce in B2B Buying Process

Role of E-Commerce in B2B Buying Process

What is the role of e-commerce in the B2B (Business To Business) buying process?

If you are a business targeting the B2B buyer, you would probably be thinking about how to meet the growing demand of this group of people when they are purchasing online. Sana Commerce recently researched 560 B2B buyers across different industries who purchase from manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

What is in the report?

The report reviewed the role and demand for e-commerce in the B2B buying process, the buyer’s behavior and their current and future needs. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors can use this information and statistics to understand the B2B buyer’s needs, stay ahead of trends and gain a competitive edge.

Do B2B Buyers Buy Online?

According to the research, although 75% of purchases are done online, buyers are still not buying online as much as they would like. This means that there is a huge opportunity to meet this growing demand for B2B e-commerce.

It is also interesting to note that 30% of B2B buyers would prefer to buy online but only 19% are doing so due to many reasons as outlined in the research done by Sana. While many of the businesses are offering a buying platform online, that may not be the sole reason to alter B2B buyer’s buying behavior.

Understanding the B2B buyer’s persona may be one of the key factors to better meet their needs during the buying process. Some of the key factors affecting a professional buyer’s decision include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Efficiency in the Purchasing Process
  • Internal Client Satisfaction

So how can businesses improve the B2B customer experience? Extracting from the report, we find that buyers are in search of easier and faster checkout, ease of repeat ordering and quick delivery and improved tracking. To hop on to the finer details that B2B buyers are looking for, go straight to page 11 of the report.

Download The B2B Buying Process 2019 report by Sana Commerce.

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