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Real-Time Data for Faster Data-Driven Decision Making

Real-Time Data for Faster Data-Driven Decision Making

Large amounts of data can sometimes slow down your system’s ability to process the data for your analysis. Analysing data in real-time can provide your business with a strong competitive edge – the ability to monitor your business in real-time and faster decision making.

real time data for faster decision making

Benefits of Real-Time Data

  • Updated and complete view of the customer
  • Improve operational processes
  • Aggregation of information
  • Increase in productivity
  • Facilitate on-the-move information access

Updated and complete view of the customer
With real-time analysis, you can immediately see what customer prefer, their historical purchases, issues they have faced, and input from fellow team members. This gives your sales team the ability to provide a more personalised service to each customer.

Identify changes in demand
Having updated information gives you the ability to quickly identify any changes in the demand for a product or service and to take proactive actions.

Improve operational processes
Keeping track of the production process in real-time allows you to identify possible issues and to take immediate corrective actions without letting the issue escalate into larger issues.

Aggregation of information
Have all information in a single system by combining the multiple sources of data and content. This ease information access and ensures the integrity of the data.

Increase in productivity
Real-time data reduces communication failure, accelerates data consolidation, and improves productivity. With the entire company’s data in one location, it will make information access easier for all team members.

Facilitate on-the-move information access
The availability of real-time information enables the use of information while on-the-move on mobile devices. This is useful for salespeople on-field or for executives who need information at their fingertips.

SAP Business One, the small business management solution, can help transform your business into an intelligent enterprise. The real-time data technology platform called SAP HANA gives you the ability to access any information in your system instantly without the need to wait for hours, days, or weeks. The information is at your fingertips when you need it.

The Enterprise Search function makes data access simpler. You can instantly search for any information with the search function, similarly to how you would search in a search engine. The information is displayed in a window with drill-down transaction data and activities.

These two functions in SAP Business One save you time and deliver the results you need fast. Book your business review with MicroChannel today by dropping your enquiry below.

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