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Opportunities Trapped in Legacy Systems

Opportunities Trapped in Legacy Systems

Businesses that are still using legacy systems may or may not be doing so by choice – there may be certain factors that are prohibiting the change and thus the decision to continue using the old system. As the old saying goes “Don’t change anything until it is broken”. While the above saying is true, legacy systems can be one of the most significant reasons curbing your business growth.

opportunities trapped in legacy system

Disconnected Roadmaps

Data that is disconnected can negatively impact your team’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services and launch them to the market in a timely manner. There will be a lack of historical data and information vital to understanding trends and customer needs.

Inability to Engage With Customers

Legacy systems with hard-to-access data and information will negatively impact the ability to engage, support and meet the need of customers proactively. Newer ERP solutions with fully integrated information across departments allow you to get a 360-degree view of each customer – so you can personalize your approaches and offerings to each.

Lack of Analysis

Due to the difficulty in obtaining complete data from the legacy system, businesses will also find it a challenge to properly analyze data for improvement purposes. This means you are missing out on opportunities from the data you’ve gathered throughout the years.

Time Consuming

Staff members need to spend a lot of time to search, acquire, enter and move data from a legacy system to a working solution. You can take away valuable time from the staff to do simple data sourcing tasks. New ERP solutions will solve this issue instantly – a quick push of a button can generate reports, dashboards can be created to monitor KPIs and ad-hoc reports can be made with built-in queries.

Security & Privacy of Data

Improper handling of data can also result in security and privacy risk because there may be manual moving of data or ad-hoc coding to integrate data. All these are potential loopholes for a security violation, data error and data loss.

Businesses need to rethink how they approach, access and use data within and across different departments, and choose a system that can support the workflow. Minimize the loss of time, duplication of efforts and missed opportunities with a system that can support your business and growth.

If you have a legacy system and would like to unveil the hidden opportunities in your legacy system, speak to us, and we’ll be happy to assist.


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