On Premise or Cloud?

On Premise or Cloud?

On Premise or Cloud is a common question on most minds of companies thinking of adopting an ERP system.

ERP is a strategic investment to improve the infrastructure, automate day-to-day processes and to improve operational efficiency for further company development and sales growth.

Hosted ERP systems (ERP on cloud) have many benefits over traditional on-premise solutions and can be an excellent choice for businesses of varying sizes.

on premise or cloud

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider hosting your ERP on the cloud before developing an on-premise solution.

Frees Up Valuable Internal Resources

Having an cloud ERP means that the company’s resources are probably working at full capacity and require better tools for automation and efficiency.

If adopting an ERP require additional resources and manpower, it will defeat the purpose thus having a cloud solution may be the right answer.

A cloud ERP solution will mean that system implementation, maintenance and updates are all handled offsite so that the internal resource need not be utilised for the project.

Better System Security

All your company data in one ERP means that your organisation will enjoy many operational benefits; however, it also means you need to adopt a higher level of system security.

Hosting an ERP solution on the cloud gives you access to a much broader and more advanced level of system security.

Cloud hosting services have various security measures in place to ensure the security protocols are adhered to.

You also enjoy access to the best cloud hosting professionals due to the sharing of resources within the hosting company.

On top of all that you get 24-hour round the clock monitoring of your system.

Improves Disaster Planning Efforts

Cloud based ERP have disaster planning in place thus you can be sure that they have thought of those scenarios and would have ensured all elements are taken care of in event of a down time.

Always check with your service provider for more information on how they have prepared for disasters such as down time, system attacks and how they can recover data or corrupted data.

Reduces Upfront Operational Costs

One of the most significant benefits of choosing cloud ERP vs on-premise ERP is the substantial decrease in upfront implementation costs.

Cloud-based ERP solutions can easily cut implementation costs in half during the first several years of ERP development.

Cloud-based ERP systems eliminate the need for costly hardware investments and improvements in server infrastructure.

In a nutshell, cloud-based ERP systems is an amazing alternative to traditional on-premise solutions as they are superior in terms of system security and resource management.

The flexibility allows business the ability to scale at their own pace, better controlling operational costs and sustainability.

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