New Age Selling

New Age Selling

New age of selling now requires consistent engagement using social tools that include social listening capabilities, salespeople that utilises process automation, and lastly instant access to information regardless of time and location.

new age selling

As buyers become more sophisticated and more demanding, the sales process now requires the use of technologies and automation like never before. With the power of the internet, buyers engage with prospective vendors before the buying process begins. This means the fact-gathering starts even before the intention to purchase materialises.

Cloud-based technology from Microsoft such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables salespeople to be socially engaged, proactive, and ready to deliver great customer experiences. Customers using social networks can learn about you and your products, and the salesperson also needs to be equally savvy in social media to respond to potential customers’ request for information.

Telling customers “I’ll get back to you on that” doesn’t work anymore. Salespeople needs to have access to answers wherever they are and with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales professionals get real-time information on the mobile phone or tablet of their choice through a consistent user interface across devices. This helps salespeople to be engaged with the buyers at any stage of the purchase cycle and are able to provide timely information when required. Customers in return feel more confident with the salespeople and are able to conclude the sale faster. The CRM tool can help to shorten the sales cycle and increase engagement customers.

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