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Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Moving your business to the Cloud sounds more complex than it is. The Cloud offers a variety of benefits for your business, amongst them are cost control, flexibility, remote access and a lot more. Changing your business solutions from on-premise to the Cloud will provide your business with an edge over your competitors, who may still be using legacy solutions.

How Does Cloud Work For Businesses?

When you move your business operations to the Cloud, you shift from traditional in-house hardware to internet-based functions. This change provides your team with instant access to data, inventory and back-office functions anytime and anywhere – which gives them the flexibility to work from their location of choice. The increased mobility is a great boost to productivity for those who may need to work off-site, for example, a travelling salesperson or if you have remote working locations.

moving your business to the cloud

The MicroChannel team would be able to advise you on your cloud requirements such as data storage, networking bandwidth, and migrating from your existing business management solution. With years of experience and expertise under our belts, you can be assured that our team of consultants will provide you with advisory and consultation for your move to Cloud.

Traditional systems usually work in isolation and are typically separate silos. New Cloud solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has different functional areas working in unison. Departments are no longer working in silos and data sharing can be seamlessly done within the same system – providing everyone with an accurate 360-degree view of your business in one single location.

Benefits of Moving Your Business To The Cloud

  • User friendly features with easy to customise dashboards and reports. Cloud solutions are designed to have high usability with minimal coaching or training – so there will be minimal training or re-training to use these solutions.
  • No additional hardware investment required unlike traditional on-premise solutions. The cost of purchasing and maintaining servers, new IT architecture, cabling, server software and more can be very prohibitive for small businesses. With Cloud, there is no need to purchase servers and new hardware.
  • No additional IT team resources would be required to manage the new business management solution. Gone are the days where you need dedicated IT team members to manage your solution. The management of the servers on the Cloud is by the provider you have opted for.
  • Lower upfront investment as your solution investment will now be a monthly subscription fee and the initial implementation charges. Overall it will be a much more manageable investment compared to purchasing the software, hardware and also the services to implement and put all these together to work.
  • Manageable cost for implementation and software usage. A monthly subscription fee is much more manageable for small to midsize businesses using the solution.

Move your business to the cloud with confidence today. At MicroChannel we help businesses move to the cloud seamlessly and we can have a quick chat with you to answer all questions you may have with regards to moving your business to the cloud.

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