Microsoft Dynamics Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics pricing is of a modular approach so customers can purchase each function (or apps) individually or a package of combined apps. Each apps can work on its own so it is very flexible for customers to start with one app and add on when the need arises.

microsoft dynamics pricing

The Microsoft Dynamics Pricing advantages


The pricing model of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows customers to purchase a single app to work as a stand alone and need not purchase additional apps that they don’t require. Eg. You can purchase just the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales as a robust sales management solution and do not require any additional add-on apps. In future if there is a need to add on the marketing module, then you can easily add on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. All apps can work seamlessly with each other.

Subscription Based Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a pure subscription based model so there are no huge upfront investment to purchase a software. You are basically paying for the use of the software so it is a operational expense rather than a capital expenditure. Companies can plan their monthly expenses with the subscription based pricing.

Use Only What You Need

Traditionally business management solutions may require you to purchase the entire suite or functions that you not necessarily use. With Dynamics 365, you only need to purchase what you really need, so it gives you a lot of saving. On top of that you can add on the functionalities as and when you require – so you still have the option of doing more with your solution when you need to.

We have a detailed page of the Microsoft Dynamics Pricing structure and licensing, and if you need more clarification, please feel free to call us. If you would like to try a free trial, do click here for more info.

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