Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Now that you’ve chosen Dynamics 365 as your preferred business management solution,
below is a rough guide of the implementation process.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Now that you’ve chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your preferred business management solution, the next step is to think about the Dynamics 365 implementation processes and timeline. Below are outline of the steps involved in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Do note that below is a rough implementation plan to give you an idea of the processes involved in the implementation and the actual plan may differ.



  • Discovery
  • Walk through the functions and features and compare it with existing system for a thorough evaluation.

  • Documentation
  • Discuss the findings from the discovery stage and finalise the scope of work.

  • Data Migration
  • Map out the data migration required for the solution.



  • Installation
  • Install the software based on agreed scope of work.

  • Validation
  • Validate to ensure that installation, data and settings are accuarate.

  • Training
  • Client is fully trained before accessing the test system.

  • User Acceptance Test(UAT)
  • Client proceeds with UAT test based on use cases.

Go Live

Go Live

  • Cut Over
  • Cutover the test system into production system.

  • Support
  • Support provided for any question and/or issues that may arise.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Best Practices

Ensure a smooth Dynamics 365 implementation with a few best practices in mind.

microsoft dynamics 365 implementation

Ensure that the subject matter experts are able to allocate time to work on the Dynamics 365 implementation. Their knowledge is indispensable to the project and they can provide crucial feedback on the solutions, implementation and how it will support the organisation.

microsoft dynamics 365 implementation

The implementation timeline should avoid critical timelines such as year-end closing of the company. Work on an agreeable and attainable deployment plan. Year-end closing can easily be overlooked during initial planning, thus it is important to keep that in mind.

microsoft dynamics 365 implementation

Start your planning early and ensure that you have sufficient manpower, resources and agreed scope of work with your selected vendor. Involve all the stakeholders so that everyone has the same understanding on the Dynamics 365 implementation.

microsoft dynamics 365 implementation

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