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Keys To Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

Keys To Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

Business Intelligence (BI) is essential for the competitive advantage over your competitors, however the keys to successful business intelligence strategy doesn’t just lie on the technology that enables it. Deploying the technology is the first step towards the BI initiative however getting the right personnel and processes are much more challenging.

successful business intelligence strategy

Business Ownership Over BI

Today’s business intelligence tools such as Solver BI360 is highly intuitive, allowing business users to immediately run queries and perform analysis straight from the tool without the IT team’s intervention. The speed to obtain data and insights will allow business users to obtain actionable information in real time.

Gather Right Personnel

Organisations should build a panel of team members with strong technical expertise and know how.

Identifying KPIs and Implementing BI Strategy

All BI KPIs should be inclusive and include all key business areas. Business users often need actionable information and reports in real time and thus cannot wait for IT to generate reports. IT should be involved in the actual implementation but every business operations should be involved throughout the process.

Monitoring & Capability Improvement

It is crucial to revise and upgrade the capabilities and strategies – to understand what needs to be analysed and what performing channels should be re-developed. Assessment of current situation and indicators should be done regularly.

Data Warehousing

A proper data warehouse technology should be in place to carry the huge data burden and provide easy access to data.

In conclusion, Successful Business Intelligence Strategy is a crucial determining factor in making full use of BI tools such as Solver BI360. For more details on how business intelligence tools can help you understand your business’s data better, contact us.


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