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Key CRM Features : The Must Have

Key CRM Features : The Must Have

The key CRM features are important to fully reap the full benefits of a Customer Relationship Management implementation in any organisation. CRM can be a standalone or an additional add-on to an existing ERP solution. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is an ideal solution for many small and midsize organisations requiring a robust CRM for the sales, marketing and service departments.

key crm features

Integrated Information

Information of each customer should be integrated throughout the system – so that you can view the entire life cycle of the customer from marketing, sales, customer service and right up to manufacturing. It should also be combined with external data via social listening and other social tools. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, data on each customer include integration of social listening data from external sources. All these information should provide better insights on each customer and allow better decision making and forecasting.

Analytics and Reporting

With the vast amount of data and information, the CRM should also be either equipped or have an add-on for reporting and analysis. The ability to analyze data is important to enable you and the team to make smarter decisions based on the data gathered.

Documents and Files in one location

The CRM should store not only customer information but to also include every piece of information about the customer, including customer feedback and support. Always include additional information from the customer – be it sketches and/or ideas so that the team have a 360 degrees view of the customer.

Email tracking

Track important communications in the CRM so that the entire team is well aware of the discussion you’ve had. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the capability to track outbound email and conversations, thus different departments will be able to check through the history of the customer in a click of a button.

To know more about implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, contact us.

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