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Give Your Customers a Positive Experience

Give Your Customers a Positive Experience

Positive customer experience is not only a result of making your customer happy, but it also leads to additional revenue. A customer who will promote your business is one of the best marketing strategies as they will refer other potential customers to you at no fees.

Creating and obsessing over excellent customer experience is of great importance to businesses. If the customer experience you’ve created is not great, it is time to think about how to improve it and where to start.

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What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the impression you leave with your customer. This impression will form the foundation of how they think of your brand across every stage of the customer journey. The two primary touchpoints that create the customer experience are the people and the product. The interaction and engagement between the customer and the employee are also vital in contact with your brand.

Positive Customer Experience Suggestions

Below are some suggestions for businesses who are keen on improving and creating a positive customer experience.

1. Self-Service Customer Portal

In the past, customers would have to wait in line or call the customer service hotline to speak to a customer service representative for assistance. Now, most businesses complement toll-free numbers and customer service agents with self-service customer portals. Customers now can check the status of their product or services and obtain necessary information without the need to speak to anyone. This increases customer satisfaction and also speeds up inquiries or request for assistance.

2. Customer Feedback Channel

Businesses that don’t have feedback channel may find that customers have little or no choice but to seek support at whatever channels or platform available to them. That is also why we see a lot of frustrated customers with unresolved issues venting their frustrations via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A better way to manage these feedback is to ensure that a very responsive customer feedback channel is established. A good practice is to provide the customer with an email directly linked to the CRM module, and the attending customer representative will address all emails. In that way, customers will have a proper channel to address their concerns, feedback and support issues without clogging social media channels.

3. Using The Latest Technology and Tools

Use technology and tools to adopt a customer-centric approach. The use of the right technology and tools for your business can help to engage customers across multiple channels, increase customer engagement, reduce churn with predictive analytics and to measure customer experience strategies quantitatively.

4. Live Chat and FAQ Page

Having a live chat option will also help to increase engagement with customers. If their concerns can be immediately addressed, they will not turn into customer dissatisfaction. In fact, for some industries, the availability of live chat can also be a unique selling point. All these questions can be used to build an FAQ forum so that customers can search for answers before reaching out to your support team.

All the above are conveniences for customers and potential customers that will help create positive experiences. Businesses will benefit from good customer feedback and also save resources. The constructive feedback provided by customers can be used to improve your product and services.

If you are looking for a business solution that will allow you to make significant improvements in your customer service and sales department, SAP Business One is the solution you are looking for.

Improve your customer’s positive experience by speaking with us today.

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