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Take Control of Your Financials with Dynamics 365

Take Control of Your Financials with Dynamics 365

Growing businesses require visibility across all functions of the company to improve workflows, increase offerings and improve bottom-line. With limited resources and time constraints, many organisation rely on manual efforts to complete the task.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive business management solution designed to help small and midsized businesses to take control of their operations. With a familiar interface, easy-to-use navigation and a wide range of functions and features, this platform is a modern solution for growing businesses.

take control of your financial management

The core of Dynamics 365 is the financial management feature which gives you the ability to make informed decisions, improve reporting capabilities, increase forecast accuracy and more. The financial features seamlessly integrate with other operational functions such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Warehouse Management, Inventory, Logistics and more.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Financial Management

Connecting Your Business

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations module allows you to consolidate multiple systems into one single connected application. This means information sharing between departments and functions will be seamless. This also eliminates the need for data re-entry and reduces data inaccuracy resulting from human error. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows your employee to switch between applications easily, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Manage Financials, Sales, Service And Operations In One Place

Save time by creating quotes, orders and invoices all within Microsoft Outlook. Get more done securely with workflows and audit trails with the application itself. The use of one single application versus multiple disparate systems improves productivity as staff becomes familiar with the same interface.

Make Better and Faster Business Decisions

Obtain a holistic view of your entire business – all the way from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer service with actionable reports and useful insights. You will be able to make data-driven decisions based on historical data and make a better forecast. This information can be used to improve procurement and inventory planning which will impact the business’s bottom line.

Utilising AI and Predictive Intelligence

Share performance reports, sales, inventory and sales orders all from one single app. Add insights from predictive analytics and digital intelligence.

Flexibility to Start Basic and Add-On

You can start basic with financial management module and add on other functionalities when the need arises. Dynamics 365 is an application platform that works perfectly on its own (single modules) or in combination with other modules.

Ease of Use & Familiar Interface

On-board quickly with familiar Microsoft Office interface your employees already know. Little training and hand-holding will be required to get your employees up and running with the new business management solution. Enjoy the same capabilities on iOS, Android and Window devices.

Take control of your financial management with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact us for a discussion on finding the best fit for your business.

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