ERP on Cloud

ERP on Cloud

ERP on Cloud refers to Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions that is lightweight, fast-to-implement and is available 365 days a year – which brings a lot of convenience for businesses on-the-move and for those who require a robust business management solution at multiple locations.

erp on cloud

Traditionally, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions or ERP has always been associated with long learning curve, long implementation time and high cost of maintenance. This mindset on ERP however is now changing with the emergence of ERP on the Cloud like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is ERP On Cloud?

Firstly you’ve probably heard of cloud computing. You may have heard about how great it is, and how much it is doing for other companies. In its most general sense, the cloud is just the internet, but it often more specifically refers to accessing things on the internet that you would otherwise have accessed on your personal computer. For example, a simple but common use of the cloud is file storage. You can store files on your hard drive, but alternatively, you can upload them to the cloud through various companies and store them there. ERP on the cloud utilises storage space in the internet, that enables you to access your ERP from anywhere without needing to be in the office or wherever the ERP is installed in.

What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application platform is a refreshed version of the traditional ERP. It is now available as an ERP On Cloud, offering a myriad of business applications that can work as a stand alone as well as together with other applications to form a custom-built ERP for your business. There are analytical tools within Dynamics 365 so that you can slice and dice data to suit your reporting needs and every user can customise their own dashboards – so there is very little need for IT intervention.

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