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Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the best decisions marketers can do in the modern environment. Artificial Intelligence has paved its way deeper into marketing, enabling brands to enhance every step of the customer journey.

Tools previously available only to enterprise-level companies are now more affordable and accessible to smaller companies.

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Data-driven, drill-down, and endless other buzzwords form a stream of “value” in the attention economy. Still, everything ultimately boils down to a few basic tenets of marketing, two of which are listed below, along with how AI can impact them.

Be genuine

Your audience is seeking a connection with your brand, not some projection of the “ideal corporate stance”, admit your mistakes, take ownership of your successes, and share with your audience.

Humans have a fundamental need to trust. If we cannot trust an entity or person, they quickly drop from mind and stature. Artificial intelligence shouldn’t need to tell you this, but it may help you extract your truth by filtering community-generated questions and comments.

Tell your real story

Storytelling has become a common phrase among marketers, but what does it mean, in a modern and practical sense? Storytelling is the act of creating a narrative that is interesting, compelling, and easy to follow.

Tell your audience why you started this business or why you created this new technology. Consumers care about the story behind the brand, but not so much about the product. Use stories to your advantage – tell them why you are passionate about the products and things that you do.

Artificial Intelligence can tell you who cares, how much they care, and sometimes, even why they care. These insights allow you to target fringe groups through online and offline marketing initiatives proactively.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in marketing depends on your approach to marketing, your objectives, needs, and desires. If you hone in on your core values and build a following there, AI can be an invaluable aid in success. If not, you may struggle until you find your ideal matches.

Start your AI journey with MicroChannel today. Let’s have a chat – drop us a note below.

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