• Atlas by Globe Software is a suite of products which deliver personal Business Intelligence (BI) software targeted on users of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution.

  • Flexible reporting features for end-user reporting

    Employees can design, build and share role-based report templates quickly and easily which deliver, real-time contextual access to your enterprise systems. You can build your report in any of the Atlas apps and deploy it in the application that suits. For example, you can build a project cost summary in Excel and use that definition in Outlook or in either the Atlas desktop client or on a mobile device.

    Update Your Enterprise Systems data using Atlas

    There are always occasions when you need to get data into your enterprise systems. Use Atlas to import journals, timesheets, budgets, forecasts, trade agreements, expense forms, annual leave forms and more into Microsoft Dynamics AX and for Microsoft Dynamics CRM load leads, quotations and other reference data. You can also amend data inside these systems, use Atlas to update customers, vendors, projects, items or any other main or setup table. Multiple templates can be daisy-chained to form a batch, where each is executed in the order specified. You can use this feature to automate dependent workflows like item setup followed by a purchase order for that item or items. All this is done with respect to the access rights and business rules applied by the host systems.

    Blending Enterprise data together and with different presentation surfaces

    Atlas allows you to bring together data from a number of enterprise data sources into one report as required. You can use this to form an upload or use it as the basis of another report through the in-memory reporting functions. When used with Microsoft Office, you can easily customize your Office documents to include Atlas functions; making them alive to data in your corporate systems. Suddenly, these documents become dynamic whilst maintaining the organizational familiarity they possess.

    Extending the reach of your enterprise data

    By offering a portfolio of apps, Atlas allows you to choose the software presentation surface fit for purpose. For familiarity and convenience, you can build and deploy your reports and upload templates into the Microsoft Office System; whether that is a budget variance report in Excel, a project status report in Word, a sales presentation in PowerPoint or use an Atlas report Snippet in the body of an email. This means users can easily get access to corporate data they need and use in the collaborative environment that suits how they work every day. Reports built and used in your Microsoft Office System can also be deployed to the Cloud and used inside Office 365. There are even built-in features that make changes and re-deployment a breeze.

    Sidebar context analysis and transaction drill down, the key to explaining the numbers

    Sometimes a report will ask more questions than it answers. With user designed sidebar drill down and transaction drill features Atlas boosts your data analysis by putting your enterprise data systems into context. The sidebar can host a simple report or a complete sidebar visualization canvas developed using the Atlas desktop app. It has never been easier to discover what is underlying the numbers in your reports.

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